Lotos Poker Review

November 29, 2013

Generally, there are different online poker games that a person can visit and play to satisfy his/her poker pleasure. However, in the sea of online poker that is basically operating at the same time. LotosPoker is something that a poker player should not overlook. The reason for that is simple; first, the software that runs this online poker game is called Dragonfish which is basically award-winning software in the world of online poker. For a new player, this online poker game will offer very solid deposit bonuses that every player will simply enjoy. Also, they have various promotions in every game room that will provide additional poker pleasure for every player.

LotosPoker also provides all kinds of bonuses, and that happens on a regular basis. This is what makes this online poker game the best among the rest. Since this online poker shares their players with 888poker, the traffic that goes in this site is tremendous. Normally, every poker room will have enough players that can last day-in and day-out. This alone will provide every player a good poker action that he or she will surely enjoy.

The chance of coming back for more is very possible simply because LotosPoker can provide the best deals, games, prices and jackpots that every player dreams of winning. Also, since the flow of players in this online poker game is quite busy most of the time, it will also create high prices and jackpots at the same time.

In every online game especially poker, a player will be required to make their initial deposit in order to play the games they offer. The good news is LotosPoker will basically match your deposit with a welcome bonus that reaches up to 100%. The total equivalent of that welcome bonus can reach £50. They also, accept different currencies and they will match it with an appropriate welcome bonus.

A player will also get free entry to the first 7 free roll. This is for someone who will make a $500 deposit and to the first 7 depositors of $1000. This only means that a player has a chance to win a share of $4,500 cold cash. Now, if a player makes his or her first deposit in between Thursday until the next Wednesday on their LotosPoker account, the player will have the chance to enter the $100,000 tournament for the first depositors.

The competition and the varieties of poker game that LotosPoker offers are well-balanced. A player will always find a poker room to play on, and it stays busy all the time. A player can choose between high bet or low bet poker games at any given time, and selecting the right table to play is very easy.

However, the poker games on LotosPoker are very limited aside from the common no limit style of poker and pot limit. The chance on finding another style of poker is difficult. This is basically the only downside of LotosPoker this can make a player get bored sometimes. On the other hand, the promotions on this online poker game are very solid and it is conducted on a daily basis.

The promotions and VIP program of LotosPoker are divided into several levels and statuses. It begins from the smallest and easiest to obtain even for inactive players, and to the highest status or level that will allow you to gain or earn a cash back that can range from $60,000 or 36% overall on every free roll. This means that the longer you play, the more aggressive and active you become. It will allow you to have a substantial amount of bonuses in return. Also, the higher your level becomes the grater your status will stay that can be very beneficial in many ways. This is how LotosPoker provides their VIP programs that are enjoyed by many players.

The software that this online poker site uses is one of the best in the business. At the start, a player may feel a little bit small specially the playing table. The space of the game is quite small, but it has one of the best graphics and game play than any other poker online poker site. The best thing about this software is that it can provide webcam pokers at the same time. The webcam pokers in LotosPoker are used by a player aside from the online games. Every player can access the webcam games and play the same game with a different bets. This is somewhat called private games and a player can only play if they are being invited.

Also, the usual features that most online player looks for are present in LotosPoker which includes avatars, multi-table, table customization and many other features that will enhance your screen. Another benefit that only LotosPoker can provide is the support methods and transaction that the game has. A player can make a phone call that provides a 24/7 service for every player.

Also, a player can send their emails on the site for their questions and the support team will provide a prompt reply for your needs. The support that LotosPoker offers is one of a kind which is very helpful especially for a new player. They will provide information and methods in order for the player to clearly understand the different rules, transactions and procedure of the online game.

This online poker site can deliver the best game, prices, bonuses, promotion and experience that a poker player have never experienced before. Since LotosPoker is powered by the famous Dragonfish software, it is capable of meeting and achieving the full satisfaction of every player. For players who prefer to have the softest competition as possible in online poker, LotosPoker is capable of providing just that. Online poker players will only encounter the best that it has to offer when it comes to the best poker game. If you love online poker so much then this online poker website is the best one for you. What more you could ask for? All you want can be found here.

Ladbrokes Poker Review

Ladbrokes Poker is the leading online poker site in Europe that offers different kinds of poker games and special bonuses to its customers. This online poker site gives two hundred percent welcome bonus to all of its new members especially if the initial deposit exceeds the standard rate. In this online gaming system, the customers will be able to play several kinds of live betting games. Some examples of the games which are available in this online gambling operator are the Irish Open and the so called WPT. Aside from those two examples, many other kinds of live events are waiting for the registered members.

Ladbrokes Poker provides the best set of poker games and other kinds of betting games on its website. Its management decided to add exclusive events on the site to make sure that the customers will be able to select the best betting game for them to play. Leaderboards and races are examples of the exclusive events offered by the online poker site. In addition to that, this online poker site added a poker player club in its services to keep the players updated with the latest events. Experts and newbie are welcome to register in this site to play exciting poker games.

Ladbrokes Poker is also open to accept new members who are not yet familiar with poker. Its online website or operator added a new feature in its content which was created to guide those individuals who want to learn how to play poker games. In this online poker site, a person will be able to learn the basics of poker games through the basic demonstrations and instructions which will be viewed in its interface. New players will be able to enhance and master their skills in poker games with the help of the learning or tutorial application which was added in the website of this online poker games provider.

With Ladbrokes Poker, a person who doesn’t know how to play online poker games will be able to challenge other players who are already proficient in the different techniques for winning. Its online tutorial for poker games will bring out the best skills of the new players by exposing them to the different levels of such kind of games. It’s a real learning application that will really help new players gain skills that are already sufficient to defeat the skillful players in their online poker games site.

There are so many kinds of online games available in Ladbrokes Poker. Games like single table tournaments, multi table tournaments and Texas holdem cash games are always open, where an individual will be able to gain more money in all winning rounds. Other kinds of games which are always available in this online poker site are the five card stud, razz seven card stud, seven card stud and five card draw for better online poker gaming experiences to all the customers who want to spend more time with very convenient and challenging poker games.

All of the Landbrokes poker games are highly associated to bankrolls. In order to make the games suitable to all bankrolls, the customers have to secure buy ins while playing poker games. The Landbrokes Poker Player Club, which is one of the best offers of this online poker sites, encourages all the interested members to register in its list of members. What will be the benefits of this club to its member? Once an individual registered in the Landbrokes Poker Player Club, several poker points will be provided to them while playing online poker games in their site.

These poker points can be used to buy in to MTTs or multi-table tournaments. The poker points can also be converted into cash when a customer wants to trade it in. By joining the Landbrokes Poker Player Club, a player will be able to get more than 10,000 poker points every month. There are times that the online poker site will also offer Poker VIP club membership to the members of the Landbrokes Poker Player club to provide them with more exclusive rewards and services to enjoy. This online poker games provider has successfully dominated the European poker games industry with the use of all of its events and games.

As much as possible, this company wants to protect its reputable brand name while rendering different kinds of poker games to all of its target customers. All members of the site and poker club must be very responsible enough while playing poker games. The age limit for new members of the club is 18 years old and above based on the policies of the European government. The two hundred percent welcome bonus which was stated in the previous part of this article is only for the customers in the United Kingdom. The welcome bonus will add up to $1,250 to the total deposits of the players if initial deposits were properly transferred to their own accounts right after the process of registration.

In Landbrokes, new customers will be able to enjoy €10,000 in tournaments and freerolls. Each player will be given an opportunity to play 6 €500 latest player turbo tournaments and latest player freerolls after registering. This special offer is good for six months and if the players fail to use it within six months, the online poker site will automatically remove it from the accounts of those individuals who didn’t use it before the end of six months from the date of their registration.

Aside from the Poker Player Club and the €10,000 in freerolls and tournaments, this online poker site also offers badbeat jackpot and shop. The shop is always available to deliver poker shop items to interested customers. The items will be delivered to the customers in a period of three to four weeks and all of the items are non returnable. However, if the items have damage caused by the delivery process, the company will immediately replace it with a new one. The poker points which will be distributed in the online games for the members of the Poker Player Club can be generated only with the use of real cash in tournament tables.

Heart Bingo Promo Code

Many individuals are now fond of playing bingo and other online games both for fun and money. These activities have been trending recently, and as days go by, more individuals are going online to experience the fun and excitement. If you are well-versed about bingo and other online games, you have probably heard about Heart Bingo. This is unique in the real sense of the word because individuals are allowed to tune in to the radio while playing their favorite game.

Heart Bingo is brought by Heart, one of the biggest and most popular radio stations in UK. As mentioned, individuals are able to listen and enjoy sounds from the radio channel directly from Heart Bingo. The sounds that have been aired by this radio channel have become one of the favorites of the listening public. When you go online and take a glimpse of the Heart Bingo home page, you will notice that their logo is further enhanced by noticeable color scheme. There are various tabs that allow individuals to connect to different links instantly and jump straight to where they want to go and explore.

Tempting places to go and enjoy at Heart Bingo includes slots, bingo, promos, instant wins, chat and more. This is fully licensed and managed by Entertaining Play. This has been utilizing reliable software known as Gamesys Limited. Registration is easy and simple, you will only be required to enter personal details like your name, address, username, and password. Completing the signup process will take you to another level wherein you will be obliged to enter your debit and credit card details. After which, you are allowed to make your first deposit.

Minimum and maximum deposits have been set. However, if you want to view games before making any deposit, you just have to simply click the Bingo link and see what Heart Bingo has to offer. There are still more amazing things about Heart Bingo that are waiting to be discovered. If you really have a heart on this, you have to take time in unveiling what this site provides and how you will benefit from the promos and offers.

Games in Heart Bingo

Since Heart FM has been an independent and most loved radio channel, it is expected that this earns huge following. But what strikes people the most is the fact that it has launched its own bingo site online. At first, it is natural for individuals to wonder how can a radio channel operate and manage a gambling site. However, this undertaking has been proven to be an excellent investment and increased numbers of online players are playing bingo on this modern site.

The games at Heart Bingo are the most crucial part, and these are the things that make online gambling more fun and exciting. Bingo 90 is one of the commonly played games at Heart Bingo wherein players are given the opportunity to play 3 games in one. Players also get the chance to win each game when they buy Bingo 90 exclusive tickets. If you are hoping to bring home the jackpot, progressive Bingo is the best game for you. There are several types of these games available the entire day. You can check out details and schedule when you wanted to play this game at Heart Bingo.

At Heart Bingo, players are exposed to varieties of bingo games and slots that seem to be the best around. A daily game called the “Dubbly Bubbly’’ is just one of the exciting games to play wherein players only have to match symbols and win cash prizes and free spins on the slots. There is a big money at stake when players opt to play regular games plus the amazing promotions offered on holidays. You can sign up and search for special offers and bonuses from time to time. No deposits are required.


New players are highly welcomed with an initial deposit bonus that ranges up to 200%. Individuals will be given complete and comprehensive details on how to claim these bonuses. Aside from these, free games daily and no deposit required are the things that players love at Heart Bingo.

Hottest Bingo Slots in Heart Bingo

Players and game enthusiasts must be familiar with the hottest bingo slots available at Heart Bingo. If individuals are aspiring for ultimate fun and extraordinary online gambling experience, they can consider the following bingo slots:

This is a popular slot game and bonus video at Heart Bingo, and not only this game boast good pay tables that results to desirable winnings and payouts. Bonus games also triggers lots of returns and massive payouts.

This is another hot slot at Heart Bingo and playing this is highly entertaining. The thing that makes Barnyard Bonanza appealing to the playing public is the fact that players can play this alongside with the bingo games that they enjoy playing.

This slot is themed and built based on the classic and old illusionist, and this offers players real chance to win big on any spin.

This is one of the favorite slot that players love to play occasionally. This is certainly an awesome break from playing the common favorite bingo game. Players can play this game for high and low stakes. Playing Tiki Island at Heart Bingo gives you lots of winning opportunities.

If you are in search for friendly vibe, fun and entertaining atmosphere, Heart Bingo is the most recommended place to enjoy and play. This is famous for its welcoming and warmth community, broad selection of Bingo, win games and slots, generous giveaways, and many more. Heart Bingo has something amazing to offer to everyone. They can play exciting games and earn exciting bonuses and rewards.

Heart Bingo is the place where players can play and enjoy real cash. There are awesome promotions and fantastic offers given every month, and these will convinced more individuals to play and keep playing for the longest time. If you are a bingo or online game lover, you will definitely love Heart Bingo.

BingoStreet Review

Bingo Street, which was launched in 2001, is the latest and best online bingo site available. The site is part of the Joy of Bingo network, which makes Bingo Street unique as compared to other online bingo sites. It runs on the 888/Globalcom software and is a standalone site. The site has great color scheme and looks like a street from Balamory. The website design is pleasing in the eye, and its structure is fairly easy to navigate. Among the Bingo games that it offers include 75 balls and 90 balls along with other selection of bingo games.

The Joy of Bingo Network has paid a great attention to their competitors, which enables them to provide players with the resources that they need to play bingo at the highest level of entertainment. New players can play the Spin the Signpost and win £5 for free with a minimum 50p guaranteed.

To register at Bingo Street is fairly easy, and you don’t even need to make a deposit to register. Under the promo section, you will find a huge selection of offers. These promotions are interesting and will make you stick to the site for a long time.

When you visit the Bingo Street official website, you will see that the man banner of the home page shows details on what the site has to offer including welcome bonuses and boasting bingo games. The homepage also shows details on the re-deposit bonuses, the sliding jackpot game Cash Cottage, and Buddy Bingo.

Although some Bingo Street reviews say that the design of the website is a little cluttered, it’s nice to see the effort of the Joy of Bingo Network in maintaining the theme of the bingo street. As you enter the lobby, you will see six main tabs at the bottom. These are Bingo Hall, Bank, Penny Stretcher, Joy, Arcade, and Superbingomarket. Each of the tabs is named according to what they offer.

Bingo Street Games on Offer

Card Sorting, auto dub, card price alerts, chat on/off, animations, and tool tips are options that you can change if you play at Bingo Street. Other options are also available, which can be accessed through the options tab. There are plenty of games that you can choose from that will keep you entertained, and provide you with a large amount of winnings.

You will find a wide range of side games that you expect to find from a website run under the Joy Bingo software. There are slots, scratch cards, and even casino style games that you can play with. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to playing online bingo or a pro as the site has something for you to enjoy. Besides, there are numbers of games that you can enjoy without navigating away from bingo. There are progressive jackpots that you can play at Bingo Street, too.

Various chat games are also offered at Bingo Street, giving you the opportunity to win JPs or Street Bingo bonus points. You can use these JP’s to exchange for bonus cash and use on playing bongo. However, you will need to get more JP’s as 1,000 of them are only equal to £1 bingo money. Chat games vary throughout the day and vary from room-to-room.

Bingo Street Jackpots

Bingo Street brings you daily guaranteed jackpots to play including regular bingo games for only £1. The new penny rooms are huge, and better than any other Joy Jackpots offer before. Here, you play with your bingo buddies, and have the chance to win over £100 of cash prizes. There are also numbers of jackpots that come into play every week, and tickets are only £5. You can check out the £2k budget blowout, £400 manager special, £500 self-service, £50 deal of the day, and other quality treats.

Joy Gem VIP Club

Register at bingo Street, and join the network’s Joy Gem VIP Club. There are three VIP levels that you can choose from: Diamond, Ruby, and Sapphire. What makes this offer unique is that you become a VIP on any bingo site under the Joy Bingo of Network. Of course, each VIP level has significant benefit including the VIP introductory bonus, invitations to exclusive events, extra re-deposit bonuses, special birthday bonuses, and access to Joy Gem rooms on other sites.

Bingo Street Pluses and Bonuses

Bingo Street is a standalone website with nice design and easy to navigate structure. You can play the free bingo upon your register, even if you haven’t made a deposit yet. You can also benefit from the deposit bonuses on all transactions. Bingo Street offers new players 200% cash match bonus on deposits amounting from £5 up to £100 with extra bonuses on offers between 50p and £5. The reload bonuses on transactions between £10 and £100 are 50% cash match.

Bingo Street Licensing and Support

Bingo Street is licensed and regulated at Gibraltar. If you have issues regarding the website, you can contact the support team through live chat, toll free phone number, or send email at the email address provided on the “Contact Us” page.

At Bingo Street, you can become a part of a new neighborhood. This online bingo site offers lighthearted chat, huge jackpot games, bingo bonuses, and large cash winnings. Rest assured that the wide range of bingo rooms available will keep you busy, as well as entertained. The Free Bingo and 1p Bingo have over 2000 guaranteed jackpots. If you love express action, you can check out the Bingo Street 5 line rooms, and the classic 90 ball, and 75 ball games.

Your move to Bingo Street will become better if you made your first deposit of £5 or more, you will get a 200% deposit bonus guaranteed. You can also win up to 5 free in the Bingo Street Shake the Signpost. These things are just some of the hype that you will experience at Bingo Street. Stick around for some time, and you will realize that paying here is worthwhile. The pluses and bonuses will make you play bingo games without making further deposits, and the winnings are huge.

Bingo Fabulous Review

People who play bingo online know that there are plenty of online paying sites that differ in offerings. Online gaming sites offering bingo are not all the same as many of them offer different game variations and different bingo versions. They can even differ on their prize amounts and ticket prizes. In addition, some sites are available in different languages while others are available in one language only. If you are looking forward to playing bingo online, you must check different reviews on bingo websites for reference and guide.

Among the best bingo online gaming websites that you must try is the Fabulous Bingo, which is licensed and regulated in the Gibraltar. Fabulous Bingo is from the same people who own the Sun Bingo, Entertaining Play Ltd. This bingo gaming site uses the same software provided by Gamesys. The site is run by Gamesys software and is a standalone site. If you visit the official website of Bingo Fabulous, you will see that the homepage shows the details on daily free game, welcome bonuses, and details on current progressive jackpots on offer. The homepage also show details on how to register with the website. Registration is pretty straightforward, just click on the ‘Join Now’ button and you will be directed to an online form where you will enter your details, register a depositing account, and then start playing online bingo right away.

The Bingo Fabulous website is light and airy looking with its simple design. There are no different pages to scroll, which are confusing; and there are no graphics flashing away. The welcoming bonus is located on the center of the page, and there are two different boxes below where you can click to play instant bingo. Navigating the Fabulous Bingo website is a breeze. The menu tabs are clearly labeled and will immediately take you to help section and latest promotion screen in just one click. Perhaps, the ease of navigation is among the primary reasons why people love playing bingo on it.

Registration is fairly easy, and there are no requirements for financial details at first. Just enter your personal details like your name, address, contact details and choose a username. After you’ve done these things, you will be taken immediately to the Fabulous Bingo lobby and play right away.

The bingo lobby of the website has 4 main tabs: Slots, Bingo, Instants, and Free. You will see that the default setting is Bingo, and you have to options to choose from Standard Bingo and Session Bingo. The standard bingo shows the details of rooms available for you to play including the name of the room, game type, jackpot, number of players, progressive jackpot, price of tickets, and the maximum number of tickets that you can purchase from each room.

The Session Bingo enables you to pre-purchase for specific bingo session with huge savings, and the amount you play includes all bingo games for an hour. The morning sessions starts at 10am until 11am, and the afternoon sessions start from 3pm until 4pm. The evening session starts from 7pm until 8pm and the twilight session starts from 11pm until 12 midnight. Session bingo offers you the opportunity to play all Fabulous Bingo games on offer for an hour for a cost of less than £10.

After you have chosen the room to play in and entered; you bingo call board will appear on the left side of your screen. Above the call board, you will see the details of game prizes and names of the winner on game progresses alongside the jackpot amount. The bingo ticket is positioned slightly off center to the right of your screen with a chat box alongside with it. The quick pick options made it easy for you to purchase tickets, and they are available in strips when you purchase 90 ball cards and play 80 ball cards.

Fabulous Bingo Games on Offer

This online bingo playing site offers a variety of games including 90 Ball, Free Bingo, 75 Ball, Progressive, High 5, Daily Jackpots, Scratch Games, and Slots.

Fabulous Bingo Bonuses and Pluses

Beginners of new players at Fabulous Bingo can benefit from the no-deposit bonus of £5 free. The first deposit on offer to new players is 200% cash match on deposit ranging from £10 up to £100. For your second deposit, you can benefit from £50 bonus, but there are no subsequent bonuses offered after your second deposit.

Fabulous Bingo is a well known brand because of the pluses that it offers to new and consistent players. Register at Fabulous Bingo and get free daily game boasting cash, slots spins, and bonuses as prizes. In addition, the site has low wagering deposits on all deposits that you will make. The wagering requirement is 4X the amount of your deposit, and the bonus amount that you receive. The variety of tickets prizes and games available will ensure that the website is worthy for your time and attention.

Payment Methods and Withdrawal Processes

Fabulous Bingo also offers multiple payment methods including Visa Electron, Visa Debit, Ukash, Pay Pal, Maestro, and Master card. The minimum amount of withdrawal is £20, and it will take 4-10 days before you receive your cash depending on the type of withdrawal process you choose. Currencies also vary; these include Euro, British Pounds, Canadian Dollar, and US Dollar.

Customer Support

Aside from a large amount payouts, and varieties of games offered, Fabulous Bingo also prides itself to offering high quality customer support. If you have issues regarding the website, you can contact the support department through live chat, toll free phone number, and on the website “Contact Us” page. You can also send mail to Entertaining Play Limited, 2.2 Waterport Place, Gibraltar.

The Verdict

Fabulous Bingo can be best described as website with no frills. The simple design and layout of the website makes it extremely user friendly. Joining is pretty straightforward, and making deposits is a breeze. There is a good selection of bingo rooms, and each room offer large winnings. This bingo gaming site has a lot of games on offer, and the promotions, bonuses, and pluses will surely make you entertained during playing.